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After (in progress)

So I said I would post photos of the new kitchen (it is still in progress but it is fantastic!)

YEA!  Luckily enough there was just enough space around the stove to create some additional cabinet space and move the microwave to gain some space as well:

Also thought I would post a photo of the progress — home remodeling is great but it is also a headache while it is going on — but we have such a cute helper:

We still have plenty to do…kick plates, back splash tile, paint, etc, etc — although nothing compared to building a house (God bless Reanna!) but I am so happy with how it turned out and just makes the farm house feel that much more “ours” and “home”.

We also experienced our first Wisconsin snow fall this week and the kids were just crazy about it!

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you ask) it is all gone already — Connor’s first question to me this morning — “Mommy, when more snow?” Gotta love it!  Happy Thursday All!



Not a Fan

Let me just state for the record that I am no longer a fan of “fall back”  — for four years “fall back” used to mean another hour to spend at “Joe’s”; for the four years after that it was an extra hour to stay up reading or just to lay in bed;  but for the last two years it has meant kids who wake up at 5:30 am and a momma who doesn’t get her act together until at least 10 — so just for the record…I am no longer a fan.

Something I am a fan of…home remodeling!  And we took a HUGE step forward this week when we put in new cabinets, and a new counter top.  I am IN LOVE!  I still need to get the back splash done and we need to put the pulls on but it looks AMAZING!  This is the before:














I’ll post some after photos soon 🙂

Something else I am a big fan of — FUN!  And boy did my kids have some recently — we had a nice fall rain and happened to go help daddy with chores one evening.  Laura is drawn to water like a moth to the flame and water mixed with dirt is even better — we needed a bath after all the fun, but they had a blast and a bath is a very small price to pay for happy kids!













Anyway, we are still having a good time on the farm (we had our first snow fall just yesterday!) and it is starting to feel a bit more like home.  My trip to Arizona was a welcome break, but I was also happy to get back.  Hope everyone is enjoying the return to “regular” commercials today…what were we thinking moving to another swing state in an election year 🙂