One minute of TERROR!

You know you live on a farm when…

…you can “lose” your child in your own “backyard”

Connor got lost misplaced this week.  I hesitate to say lost because he knew where he was the entire time — unfortunately no adults did.  Most days Connor goes up to the barn with Mark after breakfast.  He loves it up there and loves to be outside, plus it is just a great way to work off some of that “almost 3” energy (on an unrelated note, how is my baby almost 3? and can someone please figure out a way to bottle all that GO! he has? — Momma could use a pick me up!) Anyway, he loves to be outside but will often find his way back down to the house before chores are over for one of two reasons 1) it is cold out and 2) Elmo is on.

On this particular day Mark popped in to the house and asked if Connor was inside — “No” I respond (I might add that I’m in the bathroom with Laura while all of this is happening — since Connor has been potty trained she NEEDS to go pee often but has never actually managed to go anywhere but in her diaper — oh and on the carpet that one time — but I digress) I calmly put Laura’s diaper and jammies back on figuring that Mark will find Connor behind the house or perhaps in the chicken coop:


But I hear nothing — except Mark still yelling for Connor

(Enter “Freaking out Mommy!”)

I might mention now that we live on a highway, not a busy one and our driveway is ridiculously long, but a highway none the less…and while my kids have never ventured down there without supervision that is the first place my mind goes.  So Laura and I race outside and Mark and I split up him going up the drive way to the fields and me going down the driveway to what I’m sure is impending doom.  I’m only about half way down the driveway when I hear the best words “FOUND HIM!”

(Enter slightly calmer but emotional wreck mommy)

Turns out Connor had set off to follow Cider & Max (our dogs) behind the barn and out to our first field and had no idea that anyone would be looking for him or that telling Mark he was following the dogs wouldn’t immediately let him know exactly where he was.  He came in to the house a few minutes later and tells me

“Mommy & Daddy looking for me?”

“Yes, Buddy” (holding in the tears) “You need to be sure to tell us where you are all the time ok?”

“Yep — I watch Elmo?”

“Yeah, Buddy”

Literally it was minutes, probably a minute that I didn’t know where my child was but it was AWFUL!  I never want to experience that again, but…I know I will — yes I pray I never lose him in a department store, or God forbid anything more serious…but he will grow up and he will go out and do things and have experiences that I will know nothing about — and on this day I both fear and appreciate that.  He is getting bigger and growing more independent and he is AMAZING!  I love the adventurous spirit and GO! attitude he has and I’m even more blessed that we have this amazing space for him to explore and go and do and learn and be the boy he is growing up to be.  Parenting, Farming, Life — Terrifying and Amazing all rolled up in to one.

Love & Happy Friday friends!


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