Wood Heat


Since it is ridiculously cold here this week I thought I might talk about how we stay warm in our new house.  Prior to moving to Wisconsin I really had no idea how a heater worked; I was barely able to set a thermostat and anything more than changing a furnace filter required a call to the guys with a cartoon snowflake on one side of their van and a cartoon flame on the other.

I also had NO idea that anyone (except maybe Eskimos) would heat their home without a magic little box in the basement and a little digital box on the wall.  WRONG!  Apparently we are among the 2.1 million homes that heat with wood.  Some people use a pellet stove which basically runs off of pressed sawdust (my in-laws recently purchased a pellet stove (even though they have gas heat) because they love and miss wood heat), but we have a true wood stove in our basement which runs on logs similar to what you would start a campfire with.

Apparently there are all sorts of advantages of wood heat and I must admit…the price is right (especially when you have 30+ acres of woods in your “backyard”) but it is slightly unnerving having a rolling fire surrounded by kindling in your basement, and the process is pretty labor intensive.  For me this is a bit of a moot point as I have my happy wood splitters:


and we are fortunate to have a wood splitter.  Basically this machine is hooked up to a tractor and drives a metal stake in to the piece of wood so it must split.  Pretty neat to watch, but not the fastest process and even small pieces of wood can be down right heavy.

Wood heat is one of the things that I have really had to learn here.  When we first moved it was hot so staying warm was not on my radar — thankfully it was on Mark’s as his to do list has had “cut wood” on it since day one.  When it started to get cold he would constantly ask me if I put wood on the fire — to which the answer was almost always “no” — (sorry babe, but for 28 years heating my home has been self regulated) — I’m getting better about remembering to load the fire, but I’m definitely not a convert.  I hate smelling like a campfire every time I want the house warmer — and to be gone for a weekend means you will come home to a FREEZING house. To me it seems easier to flick the switch and have the furnace turn on, where temperature is controlled by the push of a button, and if it gets too cold the magic box turns on, but on the bright side if I get a hankering for a smore I just have to grab a marshmallow and go downstairs.


Love & Happy Friday


One thought on “Wood Heat

  1. Oh for a good wood stove in the house again. It has its advantages if the electricity goes out or your wife prefers the house in the mid 70’sF instead of 68F.
    Don & Jeri

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