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Timing is Everything

So yes…I messed up — I completely spaced off blogging on Friday (and I even had a topic) but sometimes material lends itself it its own time and we had quite an adventure in it this weekend.  

Mark purchased a cow from his “uncle” Jim which we needed to pick up this weekend — unfortunately we didn’t really have a way to pick her up.  Cows don’t really ride in the back of pickup trucks the way dogs do 🙂  So we went about looking to rent a trailer but turns out no one around here does that (you can rent a skidsteer and a small crane but not a trailer — go figure).  So we were in a precarious position of MUST BUY.  Mark and Connor took off on Tuesday to look at one he had found but it turned out to be junk, so when we saw this beauty on craigslist Image

we were all over it.  We made plans to go look at it about noon on Saturday.  Come Saturday I called the owner to get his address/directions, all that good stuff and he tells me there are a few interested parties (one coming at 11:30) so the sooner we can get there the better.  Mark thinks this guy might be bluffing to increase the demand, but since we are slightly desperate we get right on it and get on the road hoping to be there about 11:00.  We found the place no problem (have I mentioned that I LOVE the iphone! and that it can give me directions at any time in the palm of my hand? — the garmin is better but the portability just can not be beat).  

The owner is outside (apparently he is a goat farmer) and asks Mark if he is Harvey — nope, but the trailer is there and he has told everyone the first cash buyer can have it.  So the deal is done.  Mark is literally taking the money out of his pocket and along drives another car!  Two minutes later and the trailer would have been gone!  Again the owner asks if this is Harvey (apparently the guy who was supposed to get there at 11:30) and he also says no.  As we are hooking up the trailer (probably 8 minutes after we arrived) along comes Harvey.  It was surreal.  10 minutes later, we would have missed out on the trailer and not even been the runner up!

Fortunately for us we “won” this round but I have definitely been on the opposite end of these adventures and it makes me more certain that everything happens in its own time.  Many people in our lives right now are searching for their next step and my prayer for them is eyes wide open to the possibilities and steady legs ready to make the leap when the time comes, but it will come (although I’ll be the first to admit that waiting is a “beach”) 🙂Image

Lessons from a trailer for a Monday morning.  What a way to start the week 🙂


P.S.  If you know my mom you’ll get a kick out of this one — I had no more than said the words “somebody up there must like you” to Mark when we both looked at the clock to see 11:11


Laura reading “15 animals”

I was trying to post this until 10:30 last night and just could not get it to work, so it order to stay true to my new years resolution I posted a recent pet peeve — but this is what I really wanted to show off — the cutest little girl reading a fantastic book — and I’m not bias at all — just ask ‘Bob’ 🙂

Why is it…

…that you don’t use an ingredient for months and as soon as you use it all up you need it for every recipe that sounds good?  I have bought one “can” of parmesan cheese since we moved here (approximately 6 months ago).  I finally used the last of it about a week ago and put it on my grocery list — since that time no less than 3 recipes I have wanted to make have required parmesan cheese.  I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow 🙂  

Thanks Dad!

Let me just start by saying that it is ridiculously cold here — the low today was -11…-11.  Some quick math told me that even if we were to gain 40 degrees it would still be below freezing.  Honestly your nose hairs freeze in the time it takes to unload the car.  NOT COOL!  (ok, yes freezing, but not cool!)  

Also I should confess that this was not a great day for me — today I really miss my garage.  Here’s the scoop:  I made plans to go to brunch with this fantastic friend (probably the only local one I have) — we have been trying to get together since before Christmas and today was the day — come two hour delay or cranky kid, this was the day.  So I worked like a maniac (in order to feel somewhat better about my two hour lunch) got both kids, and myself ready and went outside to start the car — 20 minutes later I had my eggs ready to deliver, two bundled up kids, and a stressed but excited Mama — I put my bags in the passenger seat and went to open the back passenger side door — frozen shut — ok, no problem I can load kids from the other side — go to back drivers side door — also frozen, but a little more give — one last tug and…THE DOOR HANDLE BROKE!  LITERALLY IN MY HAND BROKE OFF!  I did not know what to do — so I sought the counsel of Fantastic Husband, called Fantastic Friend to unfortunately cancel and had a minor meltdown came unscrewed!  Black mascara dripping down my face…the whole nine yards.  All in all I feel better for it, although I’m not sure it was quite the best use of my time or all the money that now needs to be added to the swear jar…oops :-S

All told I think occasional “melt downs” can be therapeutic and helpful, but I also learned something about myself through this one…it is SO easy for me to have a few things go wrong and immediately go to the place of “I hate this place and everything in it — I can’t believe all that I gave up” (in this case the two car attached garage) and I absolutely MUST avoid that — a bad day doesn’t make a bad life and all those thoughts are doing is poisoning my next moment living this life.  

Our priest gave a sermon recently and I think it applies here — he was talking about confession (I know not everyone is Catholic or thinks this way but it’s a great analogy) and how sins are black marks on our generally shiny souls; by confessing them (asking forgiveness) you can remove that black mark, but you never get that time back — you don’t get to go back and make that hour shine, it just isn’t black anymore.  Today may have had a few black marks but my prayer tonight is for just a little more of my life to shine.


Peace & Blessings,


P.S.  Dad, thanks for always giving me the garage when I was in high school, I never realized what a blessing it was until today.  LOVE YOU!

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