Not much is happening on the farm right now.  It is winter, It is cold, we are sick of playing inside and even though we put on our snowpants and go outside most days (mommy’s sanity can not handle “inside recess” anymore!) it is starting to get old.  We have a very unique bright spot on the farm — babies!  We have two babies in the barn now and I’d like to introduce them:



Marshmallow is a sweet, sweet girl.  It was snowing the day she was born and her momma is named Snowdrop, so we batted around some names, snowflake, blizzard, etc; but in the end it was Connors turn to name her and when Marshmallow was suggested he LOVED it!  Marshmallow has lived in a few different places:


This is her in the Hay Mound — Mark made her a “igloo” out of hay bales and she was SO cute when she would stick her head out to say hello.  

Generally calves live outside in little sheds shortly after they are born (they don’t have the immune system to fight off all the germs the other cows in the barn have) but it has been ridiculously cold here — so Marshmallow got the star treatment in her straw igloo — but now she is old enough to be in the barn and seems very happy with her stall in the corner.  



Sleepy is the newest addition to our herd.  I took this photo when she was less than 24 hours old.  I don’t know too much about her yet, but so far she seems to live up to her name.  It was Laura’s turn to name the calf when she was born so Laura and I walked up to the barn and found her I asked Laura what she wanted to name her “cow” she replied…now generally anything (within reason) goes when naming cows, but “cow” was just not going to cut it — so Laura went and played for a bit and then came back looked at the calf and said “he seepy” — well he is a she, but “Sleepy” stuck.

We’re so blessed to have a few glimmers of new life around us this week, as I for one am getting pretty sick of all the white (ok now somewhat grimey grey) stuff.  But I know shortly there will be green all over the farm (the tulips were just starting to peek out of the ground last Sunday) and I will REJOICE in that.  Spring is only 20 days away!  Love!





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