Busy Times!

We have had quite the week here at the farm.  On Saturday we tapped all of our trees for maple syrup — they were trickling a bit when we tapped them, but then it decided to get cold so we haven’t seen much action.  Hopefully later this week it will warm up and we can have our gallons to boil down.  All of the Stoltz clan was here and I am really hoping we can make it an annual event.



Then Tuesday was my birthday — 29, so pretty much the last one I’ll be celebrating officially for awhile 🙂  I had a great day, including lunch with a great friend, a date night with my husband…and even got some fantastic surprises!


and then on Wednesday we picked up our baby chicks!  The kids are obsessed with them, and who can blame them as they are stinkin’ cute — Connor even offered to sleep on the couch so he could watch them all night…and I must admit…I thought about it too 🙂


This weekend “Orange Grandma” & “Papa Greg” are here as we will be celebrating Connor’s third birthday on the 17th — how on earth is my little guy turning three?!  Connor James you have come so very far from that little yellow baby we brought home three years ago and we love you beyond words!


P.S.  I almost forgot — we also got a new Pope this week too, how awesome is that?!  Prayers for Pope Francis the First!


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