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Long Overdue

Someone called us today looking for the scours remedy recipe and the only place I knew to find it was on my blog — low and behold it has been 6 months since I carved out some time to really sit down and write a post…WAY TOO LONG!  So much has happened in the last 6 months I almost don’t know where to start!  First thank you to anyone who has wondered over looking for a new blog post at any point over the last six months and for all the words of support that you like reading about our ridiculous(ly blessed) life.

It is early fall here and it is just the most BEAUTIFUL time of the year in Wisconsin — we are probably a week or two from “Full Color” but the leaves on the hills just make it all so pretty.  Some year I really want to set up a camera and take a photo every day as the leaves turn — it AMAZES me.  Early fall also means that it is crazy nice outside most days and that the mornings and evenings have just the right amount of chill for the perfect cup of Hot Apple Cider — we pressed some a week or so ago — it is pretty good if I do say so myself!  The kids and I even got to help installing some fence recently:ImageImage

We got done chopping corn in the field and there is always some left over so we Mark drove the metal fence posts into the ground and strung an electric fence wire through them (actually through the little yellow things so as to not electrocute himself) and we let the cows graze in that field — the girls are SO happy in there!  The kids are actually turning into great little helpers as Connor would drag the fence posts over to the right locations and Laura was in charge of the bag of “little yellow things” — they have a name but I really don’t remember — I’m still new here 🙂

I have also found a new thing I love on the farm — Canning.  If you have never done it — try it — you will be hooked!  We made our own spaghetti sauce, salsa, grape juice, grape jam, apple sauce, pear sauce, and just canned some pears.  We had SO much I had to go back to the store for jars twice.  I love it all SO much.  I had NEVER thought that I would enjoy something as “old school” as canning but it is great.  If we would ever happen to move back to the city I would have two chickens and can.  Hearing the jars “pop” and peeling the skins off of the tomatoes (so cool!) were the absolute best parts — oh, and the food mill — the food mill is the coolest thing in the world.  Next year we will do even more, since I actually kinda know what I’m doing now.

Last month we also celebrated being on the farm for one year now.  

Image(The photo is actually from Laura’s 2nd birthday which we also celebrated since I last blogged — oops)  

We officially took over the farm on August 1, 2012 and now on October 9, 2013 I can say that it has been one of the best years of our lives.  There are still boxes to unpack (although I probably don’t need anything in those boxes) and still plenty of settling to be done.  Every room (and both barns) need to be painted and there is never enough time to get everything done.  I still miss Target 😦 and having a second bathroom, but we are finding our way.  Mark will often comment that he hasn’t “worked” since we left Omaha and knowing the love of your life is doing what they love is fulfilling in a way I can’t even begin to describe.  We really are crazy crazy blessed to be living this life.  Love to All!